When writing about oneself,
one must try to be truthful.
Truth is more important than modesty.

~~Roald Dahl, Boy: Tales of Childhood

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Gobblefunking is a special type of language that Roald Dahl used. He made up words by combining two together, or using ones that sounded similar. Some of the best gobblefunks are words or phrases that donít exist but really should.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hello. some of you may know me, some may not, but the important thing is that we all know *enter full name*. Her 20th birthday is coming up and I want to give her something special, i'm making a magazine/scrapbook and I want as many of her friends as possible to participate. You can help me by answering a few questions:
Who is Euni to you?
What are her favorite things/person/ events/ movies/places?
Can you share a particular moment you spent with her you wouldn't forget? (embarrassing/funny/emotional/bonding time/whatever)
Can you share an instance that Euni was doing something weird or eccentric? (like eating kidneys!)
You are known to her as _______. (nickname or how she calls you)
lastly, leave a bday message for her 20th.
kindly reply to this, pm me or email me at *enter email address*. also, if you can send some of your pics with her. pls spread the word especially to her HS friends. =)
luv lots, annie

Ha the frailty of friendster--one time you know them, the other you don't. I remember my friend Jireh telling me about how everyone in the world's connected in six degrees and how sites like friendster make us closer. But are we really? After reading this message, I tried very hard to recall who Euni was and what part she took in my life. She was a classmate, that's for sure, but when? What subject? Were we so close back then that we added each other up on friendster? This message made me realize how ironic trying to "expand one's network" is. At the end of the day, probably only a quarter, or even less, of the people included in your list matter--heck, the one dearest to you's probably not even included. Sigh, friend sites--after a few years, all you really have besides web links are lost memories. Somewhere in the world, a person called Euni is receiving a scrapbook for her birthday with her friends' letters on them filled with hopes and love. For her, I wish for nothing less. One thing's for certain, if tomorrow we bump into each other, I probably won't even talk to her.

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i miss reading.
Sunday, September 14, 2008

When was the last time I read a non-arki book? Heck. Can't remember. A new book, that is--favorites don't count [I re-read Gaiman's Coraline last week. I allowed myself to be re-haunted by the skittering sounds of the other mother's right hand. Awwwoooh! Haha, love that book. There's gonna be a film release in 2009 and the adorable Dakota Fanning's gonna play lead role. Yey exciting!]. Back when I wasn't enrolled in Architecture, I used to read one book per week--per weeeeeek! Sigh. I haven't even read the last Potter book. That's how pathetic I've become.

Rrrrrrraaaaaaaarrrrr.. rar rar rar!

Maybe because it's entirely an artist's eye, patience and skill that makes an image and not his tools. ~Ken Rockwell

Talaga Ken? Akin na lang DSLR mo
! hehe.
BTW, nag-aaply nga pala ko ngayon sa OPTICS aka UP Photography Society--an org that I've been "eye-ing" since I was a freshman in UP. Finally got the chance to join them, hopefully they'd let me.

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"Bawal ang mahirap dito."
Sunday, August 03, 2008

Revolution is not a dinner party, not an essay, nor a painting, nor a piece of embroidery; it cannot be advanced softly, gradually, carefully, considerately, respectfully, politely, plainly and modestly." ~Mao Zedong

The Arki Admin Building was "vandalized" yesterday, August 2 ironically in front of the exceptionally awake and alert UP Diliman Police Station. A very orchestrated plan it was indeed as there are reports that it was done not only in Arki but in other buildings as well in time for the UPCAT. While fellow future architects, and the whole UP community probably, is fretting about how to clean up the "stupidity" these "noneducated culprits" wrote on our beloved cheese of a building, I just hope we go beyond thinking how to repair the damages and focus on the deeper intention on why these people did what they did. It's probably wrong to sympathize with the "vandals", but how can I not when I know that the system is indeed flawed and with its 1000-peso-per-unit scheme is defeating its purpose of being a University for the People. Bawal ang mahirap dito. These four words can't be more honest as the statistics are in saying that education in UP is no longer accessible to everyone except for the priviledged few. As if ignorance is not already abundant in our country. All I know is that educated people is equal to educated voters, and that in itself is a lot. So guys before I veer farther, the graffitti made on our buildings was yes, not an art, but a message--try putting on the shoes of the supposed students who can't be in UP because they can't afford it. At least try to imagine the frustration of their loving parents whose dreams for their children are crushed by the oppressive system. Madaling linisin yung nakasulat sa pader. May mas malaking problema kaysa sa paglilinis ng building. After those writings are erased and forgotten, the lives of the people concerned may still be unchanged. Let's channel our anger towards the real evils not to the persons who like us, are victims of the same unfairness that forces them to act, however "irrationally", as they do.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

With snot literally dripping off my nose, I write this entry as a response to, well nothing really. A lot of happenings happening recently which deserve some jotting down and gloating over. I've been recently constituted as head of our college's registration corps and I've been well-too-busy ever since--not because there's a lot of registration-assistant duties to do but because I think finally that Leo-the-lion in me is finally coming back and kicking in--hard. I am truly excited about it though in spite of the haggard-ness of it all. I find myself enjoying the running-arounds and fretting-abouts. Hopefully I could sustain it--this workaholic streak that's silently blossoming within. Shall I nip the bud now while I can? Haha. Architects are said to be perfectionists to the point of becoming enslaved with their passions. Notable architects that is. That's probably the reason why some of them are bald, with eyes drooping and sagging like moment curves. Last summer after finishing that construction plate of mine, I told myself that I would finish this course just for the heck of it. Graduate then go. Aim for another course, another profession. For the past two years I was seriously rethinking it all. This last April's 40 sheets were equal to almost 40 days of restlessness. 40 days and 40 nights of tempest. I was seriously considering photography, an interest that's been burbling almost to overflow point. Travelling places with a high-definition camera and working for the National Geographic, if lucky, wasn't such a bad idea. It excited me to tingles. But then when this semester opened, there's Sir Nic and Sir Dytoc lecturing about architecture-engineering feats and sustainability and how architects have great power in reshaping the world. Saving the world means saving ourselves, one of them said. And then suddenly this whole deal about being an architect took a sharp turn. Now the words create and design have deeper meanings attached to them. Now saving the Earth, an effort I've been wanting to pursue for some time now, has another dimension. Walking instead of riding is one thing--a small step. Being a responsible architect is another--a giant leap. With that said, truly now I want to be an architect more than ever.

Magiging arkitekto ako, walang kokontra.

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